Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Another year gone by since the tragedy on 9-11-01. Dad passed away that year shortly before the terrorist attacks on that day. I often think how it would have affected dad, how sad he would have been and what a patriotic spirit he had. I started a memory book dedicated to dad shortly after the attack. Lots of patriotic things collected for it. Inspirational stories and poems, pictures and keepsakes collected over the years. It is one of those ongoing projects that gets worked on once in a while on a dark cold winter night, when there is nothing else going on. I love those kind of evenings. Times to reminisce.

Today was that kind of day. You think about this day 6 years ago and you remember everything about it. You remember where you were when you heard about it, you remember what you ate, what you did, who you spoke to that day. It was a time that stood still for everyone, a time of tears and a closeness, and a time for deep prayers for our country and each other and those who lost their lives and for the mourning families.

Today was also the day mom and Archie flew to the west coast (Washington). My prayers were with them. They must have made it ok, I did not hear, but knew the plane should land early in the afternoon our time. Before noon- west coast time. I think that security is tight today and more precautions are taken on this anniversary of the twin tower tragedy.

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