Thursday, October 25, 2007

On a Roll....

Today I really moved. I actually flew through the day! I made six tote bags, some kleenex holders, kids purses, and some pin cushions. I'm learning to get more acclomplished in less time with the sewing machine. I am very impatient though and make my share of mistakes. I need to have five stitch rippers within reach at all times, along with a few pairs of magnifying glasses, and scissors scattered all around me. Thats because in my hurry and scurry of getting things done, I'm constantly misplacing things. I'm constantly saying "Oh shoot, where did those scissors go? Oh, way over by the iron board, or on the floor by the cutting board." I really need them right near the machine, but they keep hiding on me.

Anyways, halfway through my projects I ran out of the pellon interfacing. So, I had to run out to Wallmart at 10:30 at night. And thats no short trip. Its almost 30 minutes away. I had to stop at my friend Kathy's house to see where she was with her projects. WOW! She's super woman--way ahead of me. I'm green with envy! She has made boxes and boxes of her broken glass candy, 400 wooden knives, wool table scarves, 100 wood slices of a tree with words--love, hope, dream. Let's see-- what else knitted pot scrapers--dozens, also pillows and a ton of dried weeds and branches. She is such a whiz!

I've still got to work on my popcorn, my kids bake sets and a few other ideas I'll be showing here. Can't wait!

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