Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We're hurrying to get things done for our trip downstate to see Vanessa and Andy, Chloe, Ellie, Landen, and Leah. My precious daughters and grandkids and Son-in-law. We also get to see my special sisters Janice and Kathi and their families. My niece Beth is there from Washington state with her hubby and three kids. I hope to get lots of pictures of everyone and will post about Christmas after the holiday is over. At home its work, work and more work before leaving. So much to do and not enough time. I've been baking cookies, writing out a few cards, wrapping the gifts. I'm happy to hear that my packages arrived in Washington to my two son's and families already a week ago. My boxes sure went fast, I mailed them on Thurdsay and they arrived by Saturday, (from Michigan). Sure cost alot--almost 50 bucks!!

We had our party at work. It was nice! We got a turkey and a card with money from the residents of The Pines, a very nice lunch and exchanged gifts between the employees. I brought my flavored popcorn and have gotten calls for orders to make more. Must deliver tomorrow before my last shift. I have to do everything today on my day off, to get ready for the trip. We are leaving Saturday---weather willing! John heard that we have a storm brewing from the west. I hope we can avoid it. We are taking Grandpa with us and of course Charley (our dog). The kids can't wait to see him. Charley lived at daughters house for three months before moving in with us.

I'm also trying to take an online test for work that has to be done before the end of the month. Of all times--its so time consuming and long!

I did not anything Christmasy out this year. Its so different when you've got the empty nest and plan to go away for Christmas. I put up a couple of candles and table clothes and runners. We had our Christmas dinner here on Monday night with mom and Archie, and my aunt Norma and Uncle Ray. I made meat pies, mom brought cole slaw and we had pumpkin pies, cookies and kept it simple. It was so busy on the weekend. I worked Friday, Saturday,and Sunday, long hours. Yesterday (Wednesday) I took mom out Christmas shopping and we went out for lunch. I'm happy that my shopping is completed. Now its clean, pack, bake, and a hundred little things to do on my list. I'll be back posting about our holiday festivities in the city! I pray to God we have a safe trip down and back and that everyone has a Blessed Christmas. A happy and healthy one to all our families and friends!

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