Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm finally coming back to life here!!!

Hello y'all! I finally decided to update this blog. Sure looks sad with winter pictures and nothing since February. Where have I been? Well, I'm still breathing! My hearts still beating! I can walk and sing! To tell the truth, I've just been busy, and not taking any pictures to post. My life has not really been so exciting to write about. In fact its been rather boring to ramble on about. I hate to bore anyone reading here. And I wouldn't blame anyone for staying away and not checking my blog. Actually, I've only given my closest friends and family my blog site and info. Not too many in my family have computers, so they don't check in here. I see no one leaves a comment, so it must mean that i'm the only one here anyways. Thats OK, it is for my own fun to record my thoughts , pictures, daily doings, and family bits and pieces. I like to think of this place as a scrapbook, diary (not too personal, though), and a journal. I'm always coming up with ideas in my head of what I want to put on my blog, but really don't have much time to spend here. I'm hoping that I can do it in bits and pieces.

I just changed my heading picture to look more like summer is on its way. Winter is behind us finally! The picture was taken last summer of my hubby climbing the cliffs on Cliff Drive in Eagle River. A genuine Copper Country picture! He was out four wheeling on the way to Copper Harbor with my son Evan and son-in-law Andy. By looking at this picture you'd think he was quite the mountain climber. I believe they wanted to make it look that way! It really must have been a big drop on the rock behind him. I've only seen the view from the bottom and it sure is a long way up!

So, what have I been up to since February?

1. Work, work, work. I never ever dreamed that me--a part time worker would be putting in between 50 and 70 hours a week for almost a year now. I have been taking care (private duty care giver) of two people in thier homes. They are a brother and sister. A group of us do 24 hour care and we have been short on help, so I end up with more work than I really want. Then I also work on call at an assisted living facility. I really love that job, but do not get many hours. This summer I will get more with vacations coming up. I actually have 4 days off right now, which is like a vacation. I'm trying to get caught up with things at home.

2. I'm starting my spring cleaning these last couple of weeks. I'm organizing my craft room, finished painting my bedroom, made my new curtains for my room. I will post pictures of it soon. Next its washing walls and windows in the living room and shampooing the carpet. I want to paint the hallway upstairs, and the middle bedroom. I hope to get to gardening soon.

3. I went downstate in April to see my two girls and three grandkids, and my sisters and families. I drove down with my mom and Archie. It turned out to be such a disastrous trip as we got the flu. Everyone in my daughters house got two different flu's at the same time. I never was so sick with the flu in my entire life. It took me about a month to shake this. It took away my appetite and made me feel down, weak and depressed. I'm finally starting to get my energy back now and am trying to eat better. I lost 6 pounds--the only good thing about it.

4. I'm walking more with my dog. And I'm jumping on the mini tramp.

5. I'm catching up on my emails.

6. I'm finally joining the crowd--and decided to order a cell phone. It should arrive any day now. John just got one at work, for his own use also. Now my girls are excited that we can text each other back and forth!

7. When I have time I love to sit and read, and read and read some more. I'm trying to weed through my old books and give away or donate them. Even working on eliminating some of my favorite decorating magazines--boy thats hard to do!

8. I had my teeth cleaned this week and my pap smear done last week and a massage scheduled for next week. Charley (my dog) went to the vets today for his shots and check up. We found a couple of ticks on him yesterday which freaked me out.

9. Tonight we went to my hubby's 30 year recognition dinner at Michigan Tech. I will post the pictures taken tonight.

Well, thats about it in a nutshell! See how exciting my life is! Blah, blahh, blahh. I can tell you that if I didn't work so many hours I would be making my life much, much more fun and interesting!!! Oh yes, one more bright spot in my life-- my son Chad, wife Chelsea, and son Will are coming in a couple of weeks from Washington State. So I'm getting reading for them, hope to bake and plan for time off, and have fun seeing Will who is a year and a half. Gee, I have not seen him since he was two months old. My girls are hoping to drive up to visit also. I can't wait!!

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