Monday, July 28, 2008

I've got camping fever again!

Mom and Archie by their motor home.
A hike in the woods.

The shores of Lake Superior are always changing. The

water levels are back up this year with all the rain we've

had. Last year they were so low. And the shore changes

as you walk along the beach. Some places are very rocky,

big rocks, then small pebbles and soon all sand along the

way. The shores change from season to season, storm,

winds and rain bring in new things such as driftwood,

rocks, and shipwreck pieces. One year my kids sent out

notes in bottles. About 3 years later we got a call from a

lady in Canada who found the bottle and told us where she

lives. We were so surprised at how far it traveled and how

long it took to be found.

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