Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey Blog, Long time no see!!

It's cookie baking day. I hope to get many batches done. Christmas is just two weeks from today!
I'm getting in the Christmas spirit. Lots of work--double shifts this week and then things are
slow and hopefully I will have time off for a couple of weeks. Thats if I don't get called in. I love my time at home which is so sparse. Seems that I'm never here to get caught up. I still have to do my big yearly exam online for work, which takes many hours. These past few weeks I've been busy organizing things at home. Leah is helping me. I've been making a few trips to the free store called Angel Missions to drop off things that may be nice for low income families. Seems that so many are having it rough this year. We've been so blessed and I hope the little baking or whatever I can do will help cheer someone.

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