Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Such a delightful day!

Saturday afternoon John and I went snowshoeing with three couples. Audrey and Gary live
in the country on a beautiful piece of property. The woods are deep and there is a big gully
with a small stream running through. They built their beautiful home, and also an outdoor
sauna. They are shoveling quite a path to the sauna this year! I wish I would have taken a
picture of it on the inside and out. Tom and Shirl and mom and Archie came with us. Mom
really did well hiking at her age with snowshoes. Actually, she may be better at it than I am,
as this is only my fourth time out on mine. Mom and Archie have been hiking in the woods on
snowshoes for a couple of years now.

As we hiked down the gully, we found a perfect spot to make a fire and roast hot dogs. They
sure tasted good! On the way back the sun was going down, so we went back to the house
for pie, cakes, cookies, and popcorn. We had a good hot sauna also.

We just caught a glimpse of the sun going down.
We almost missed it, as we were too busy eating

The fire's ready for the hotdogs!

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