Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day!!!!

We had alot of laughs today! I don't ever remember laughing and pulling jokes on any other April Fool's Day, like this one. Leah and I were home all day. I hardly stepped out the door, except to take the dog out for a short walk. It snowed over night, and quite frankly I'm getting very tired of this stuff and am ready for spring like never before!

I had surgery on March 23. I went into Marquette General for a biopsy D and C on March 16. It was an outpatient procedure. I had been spotting for some time. I've also had the prolapsed uterus and bladder. So--lucky me I had to have the surgery to remove the uterus vaginally and have a bladder suspension. I had been putting all this off for many years. I don't want to even say how many years, but it did not get miserable and unbearable until about 6 months ago. I am so thankful to God that my biopsy and ultrasound were clear. So, I did not have to have a complete hysterectomy with ovaries out and no rectocele done. No stitches on my belly--thank goodness! I'm coming along very well now and can sit at my computer more comfortably now. I am amazed at how I am healing so well. I had a plan and stuck with it for weeks. I read everything I could get my hands on for the past year or more on how to heal and what to take to speed healing. See, I am a diabetic and know that healing from surgery is slow and long if your sugar is not under control. So I worked at getting it down low and normal for a few weeks by following a no sugar--low carb diet. I lost about 7-8 lbs beforehand and am still losing slowly. I took my vitamins and supplements, homeopathic remedies to speed the healing and help with the pain. I took Arnica--the remedy for pain, bleeding, bruising, and trauma that surgery does to the body. I was amazed at how well it helped me! After getting home I took only one pain pill. I followed Dr. Bachs advice on healing from surgery in his book Nutritional Healing. Each day has been a great advancement in feeling well. I really feel that after one week and two days I could ride and bike or run. But I won't yet. I plan to listen to my doctor and take a nice 6 weeks off, to rest and recuperate. I'm also looking forward to doing lots of things at home in my time off. Organize... As Martha Stewart says in her new magazine issue...Revitalize, Rearrange, Renew, Refresh, and Revive, Restore, and Renovate. I can't wait!!!! I'm ready... my body, soul, and spirit is ready to live, love and welcome SPRING!!

Also, I want to add that last night I added the Abraham Lincolns speech that he gave when he declared Thanksgiving a holiday. I had scanned the page below in early March, but the scanned page print was too small to read. So I typed up the speech into my Word files. I feel that these are fitting words today. I know that our new president Obama has mentioned him alot in these past few months. I recieved an email from a friend giving examples of the differences between the two presidents. Although Obama likes to compare himself to Abe Lincoln, and seems to look to him as his mentor, they are not alike in character at all. I'd love to send this to him. Our country is having hard times, as in the past, and we would all benefit from turning to God.


Anonymous said...

Hope you heal well and are up and running soon!

valiegal said...

Thanks, Leslie. I'm really coming along great, except for this darn cold I have!