Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A perfect place for our Well Kept Home Bazaar!

Now for the second year we have held our bazaar at some friends
out in the country. This is actually the 5 th annual bazaar, but it seems
that we've found the perfect place to have it year after year. If Jennifer's
mom and dad don't mind giving up their pole barn for a few days, then
it will continue here. The house and barn are way up on a hill overlooking
the Portage Canal. You can see around for miles from up here. The picture
just cannot show how breathtaking the view is from here. The day was
perfect--sunny and warm. I remember last year was cold and snowy.

Other years the bazaar was held in a different home each time. The girls
all worked together for months getting the plans together and clearing the
house-kitchen and living room- and setting up the shop like a quaint
country store. This grew so big with 40 gals participating and so many
came that the houses could not hold the crowds.

This is only my second year participating in the bazaar, so
I was not involved with most of the set up in other homes. It is alot of
work, but worth it in the end. I hope to continue to be in it and work
throughout the year on my crafts and sewing projects.

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