Thursday, March 10, 2011


I started a new business and am now a Norwex Consultant. The product line I'm selling are non-toxic, chemical free cleaning products. I do home demos, in my home or yours, at businesses. And will take book orders. Once I can figure out the details on my blog I will show pictures of the products and how to use them.
Some of the things we have are:
Cleaning cloths
Window cloths
Towel and wash cloths
A mops with three heads
Shower spray (descaler)
Oven cleaner
Dish soap
Laundry soaps
Personal Care products
Car, kitchen, bath, baby,
Dust mitts

The nice thing about these products is you can use just water with the cloths.
They are anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal, as they are infused with
silver threaded through them. 
You must see how these work to believe how wonderful they are.
I was so impressed and fell in love with the way they clean so well!! 

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