Friday, October 31, 2008

We will miss him...

“We are intricately woven with the threads of the past.
each person who came before us is a part of us
and we are a part of the family ‘fabric’ yet to come”
Pam Jones

John's dad, and my father-in-law passed away on October 12, 2008. He was a quiet man, very humble, and always nice to everyone. He never ever complained or criticized anyone. He went to church every Sunday--always...up until he had a stroke a week before he died. He kept a clean house and always did everything on schedule. He was a very loving, sweet man, and probably quite lonely since losing his wife about 16 years ago. He always spent Wednesdays and Sundays at our house. He came at 7:00 and left at 9:00. John always spent Fridays with his dad. Then there were other times when we took him for rides or out to dinner or over for holiday dinners. He will be missed by all of us.

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glorv1 said...

valiegal, My condolences to you and yours. Memories are what we have and your father-in-law seems to have been such a nice person. Good times remembered. Take care.