Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This day goes down in history...

Let us have faith that right makes might; and, let us to the end dare to do our duty. -- Abraham Lincoln

What can I say about today? So many emotions, tears, ups and downs. Its not all about this being the inauguration of Barack Obama. Yes, I watched it closely. I prayed and was impressed with his speech and like the fact that he included thanks to God and mentioned God's grace. I like his ideals being connected closely with Abraham Lincoln--one of my favorite presidents. Let us remember what Lincoln stood for--freedom and a strong sense of Christian faith in God. Lincoln was a very religous man and had deep convictions.

Its hard for me to express what I feel. All I can say is I'm not a liberal and he is. Time will tell on the issues he stands for. I just hope and pray that he sincerely turns to God for guidence. And I pray for him and our country and will watch closely at what this change brings.

So many other things made me sad today. One is my daughter's husband got laid off today. We knew it was coming--all of the cuts and no work. Living in the Detroit area and seeing one job after another disapeer. I have hope that he will find something else with his engineering background, but when and where will they have to go? What about their mortgage? Vanessa will have to leave her baby to go back to work. And Landen has had so many health issues since being born at 2 lbs. Andy has health issues also, so we need prayers.

So much bad news in one day... Too much to bear. There are a couple of things that happened that I cannot talk about here. My heart is heavy for three other family members and a friend.
Then the news that there was a shooting in our town last night not far from where I work. I drove right past the building on my way home at 11:00 last night. A 22 year old man held some people hostage in an apartment--we don't know all the details yet.

Then I heard about a girl out west who commited suicide--the funeral was today. She was 20 years old, she had two children- age one and three. We did not know her, but know some of her family members.
It really has been a long day, but I can't sleep...thoughts, worries, prayers, going through my head. I must believe that God will take care, protect, and shelter us. Trials are here to bring us closer to Him.

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