Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I love February

I love February...the valentines, hearts, sunny cold crisp days, the color red, the romance of Valentines Day! Maybe because I was born in this month, maybe because the sun shines brightly on some days in
midwinter, but for some reason I get a burst of energy and a feeling of hope in the air. A time to wear
bright cheer us up, a time to get to those projects you put off...a time to create something new.
A time to try new things in the dead of the winter...clean out a closet, reorganize your craft room. Yes...
time for creativity, adventure, fun, exercise, romance, candle lit dinners, soft music, and love. Even though
I'm turning the big 6-0, I'm still young at heart!!!! I still have adventure in my heart, love to laugh, be with
family and friends, go out to shop and eat. I still love chocolate! I even feel that I can change, I can turn
the clock a back a little, try to feel younger, and be healthier. Sure it takes work...but I can do it...chop
off a few pounds, eat better, try many holistic things, take my vitamins. I can still move and run and snowshoe, and maybe even skate and ski again. I can jump on my trampoline and get my adrenals moving, and my blood flowing, and my circulation stimulated. These give me hope to keep on for a while yet...and stay positive! I love life...there is so much to do...And I thank God for all my blessings!

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