Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Two new blogs I discovered...

 I'm interested in gardening, canning, preserving and stocking my pantry. Today I found two new
blogs that spike my interest. One is about a gal who is featured on the cover of "Country Women"
and with a very delightful article about Heirloom seeds. I checked out her blog... and the family seed Now I'm definately going to order from their catalogue and start saving seeds. This is a great thing to start doing, as so many of our seeds and plants are genetically grown and there is some strong evidence that they are
not good for us. Another name for this is Frankenfoods. I'll have to cover more of this another time.

Another blog that I know I'll love is . This one is from down under...Australia. It is all about making home-made formulas, small yard gardens, raising chickens,
making soaps, and stocking the pantry with home-made, down home cooking and baking.  I've always
been an old fashioned gal wishing I lived in the country...growing blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. If I didn't live in town, I'd have chickens! Maybe a cow for fresh milk...but I do have
my herb garden and my small raspberry patch. We are still waiting for those 4 little blueberry bushes
to give us some berries...its been only a year since they were planted though. I'll be patiently waiting!
In the meantime I'll read these blogs and let these ladies know how much I love their blogs.

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