Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy time of year

Life is so busy right now. Its time to start Christmas shopping, baking, get ready for Thanksgiving, deer hunting for hubby, bazaar and craft sales to hit, sewing projects
for gifts, long work hours, anniversaries--Mom and Archies, my son Chad and Chelsea's,
two birthdays--grandson's Jeb and Will. Also got to clean my house, shampoo the carpet,
new dog takes up time, days are short, vet, doctor and dentist appointments, and on and on!
Wish things would slow down so I could take a breather and enjoy a lazy day with a book, or
a long walk with the dog. Oh how I'd love to take my camera and go out into the woods, or
take time to pick some stuff for fall and Christmas arrangements. Oooh yes, I still have to get
into the garden and pick more carrots, beets and I believe I have a couple of purple cabbages
that I hope are still good. I'd better get out there today. Where does time go?
Right now, at least the snow has melted. I think we are having a touch of an Indian Summer.
They say that after the first snow fall, it melts--then we have a couple of days of warm summery weather. Well, today is not exactly summer feeling, but its warm and very windy, and a little cloudy. It was hard to walk against the wind this morning with the dog. Charley gets a little nervous in the wind. It felt good though, to have a warm wind and not have to wear gloves
to keep warm. I love a warm wind. Soon the cold winds of November will be settling in and the snow will start flying.

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