Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here's Charley! We've had him now for about 4 weeks or so. He sure is a good dog. Today I took him to the vets for his shots and a check for worms. I found he had a problem with his anal glands. Poor thing was so miserable lately. They were drained and now he seems much happier. We took a long walk at my mom's house and I spoiled him with some dog treats and new high quality dog food. I've been so concerned about the dog food scare in the news. I got the vet to recommend a good brand for him. He sure is beautifull after a bath and a daily brushing. I love the fluffy look of his fur after he's been brushed. Now that we've got a cover of snow on the ground I think I'll make him a nice warm fleece coat to wear.

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