Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks to God for all our Blessings. We have so much to be thankfull for. I have a short moment to send greetings here. I have to go to work night shift tonight and then go on my day shift home health care job tomorrow. We will be taking my lady out to her brother's for Thanksgiving dinner early in the day. Tonight I will be at the brother's house. Hopefully he will get some sleep, so I can rest. So then we can all be rested for the big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. It is also my home health care's clients birthday. Lots of their family and friends will be there. Then when my shift ends at 4:00, I head over to mom and Archies for our dinner. John and his dad will meet us there. Yesterday I made my two pumpkin pies at one job, today I made two apple pies at the other job. Luckily I get to bake during my shift. I'm saving an apple and a pumpkin pie for dinner at the clients home and the other two for my mom's. I'm getting hungry thinking about my favorite meal--turkey, stuffing, cranberries!

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