Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EFT--try it on everything or (tapping)

I'm going to do one more short post tonight. I know I will be so busy tomorrow that I won't be able to post. I'm leaving to go downstate on Wednesday to see Vanessa and Andy and grandkids. I'm sure looking foreward to getting away and seeing my family. It's also my sister Janice's birthday and we are planning a surprise birthday party for her.

I hope to explain a little more about EFT sometime soon. But for now I'm posting an article by a gal that I met in Patty Peterson's class. Her name is Kate Alvord and she has a business here in Hancock at the Jutila center. Its a holistic nutrition clinic called North Coast Holistics. I saw Kate once shortly before my surgery and she gave me some excellant advice for eating for, preparing for, and healing from surgery. I was happy to hear that she does tapping and is introducing it to our area with classes.

I have been reading about and studying it for some time now. It's also called EFT--Emotional Freedom Technique. I have two sets of DVD's on this from Gary Craig and Dr. Mercola. There is a site on the internet called "Try it on everything. com." I also listened to the World Summit on EFT, a 9 day conference with 18 speakers teaching this technique. There were 40,000 signed up for this conference online. It was so interesting to hear so many doctors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists talking about tapping.

I had some great results controlling my sugar and chocolate cravings with this technique. I have lost 12 lbs. and have not had any sweets for almost two months now. I'm hoping to bring some of my tapes and articles downstate to help my sister Kathi with her anxiety, and hopefully work with Vanessa on her cigarette cravings.

For now I will post Kate's article below. I like the way she describes it.

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