Monday, June 8, 2009

A walk through an old cemetary

On Sunday, May 31st, John and I took a ride up to Eagle Harbor. We took some back roads looking for morel mushrooms. It was very dry, but finally as we drove closer to Lake Superior, it started to rain. It was the kind of rain that felt good to walk in. A slow drizzle and a much needed rain. It has always been fun to explore the backroads of the Copper Country. We love to walk in the woods, down trails and onto the shores of Lake Superior. We enjoy each season, every kind of weather, and exploring, taking pictures, picking wild flowers, agates on the beach and seeing the wild life.
We found a very old cemetary call Pine Grove Cemetary. It was so neat to walk through and read all the old tombstones. Some were so ornate with fences or iron gates around them. The old iron markers were so interesting. It was kept up and some had perennials or fresh flowers at the gravesites. I just loved the picket fence around the cemetary.

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