Monday, August 25, 2008

We got out blueberry picking this afternoon. We stopped and picked up a couple of
Subs from Subway to take along. We took along Charley, our Bichon Frise. We just
realized that Charley has never been out by the lake with us. He has never ran on
the beach, or played in the sand. Even though we went camping a couple of times
this summer and took him with us, he was not allowed on the beach at McClains Park.
No dogs allowed there. So we went to the shores of Lake Superior out on the Gay Road
to Bete Gris. It was very nice there, the weather was a little cool. I had to wear my
sweatshirt. We found most of our blueberries on the side of the road across from the
lake. Picking was great, except for a few mosquitos buzzing and biting. We ate our
sub sandwiches by the lake and let Charley run free. He seemed to be a little leary of
the big lake with waves. He would not go too close to the water, but seemed to enjoy
playing in the sand.

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glorv1 said...

Those are really some nice blueberries, lucky you. How nice it must be.