Wednesday, August 26, 2009


These bears were spotted in my friend Pam and Jim's backyard last summer. Pam sent me the pictures in an email and I always wanted to get them on my blog. Now a year later here they are. John was out picking blueberries at the end of our street on Old Colony Road on a trail in the woods, when he spotted these same bears coming down the path. Lucky he was in the truck when he saw them, as they were quite close. We heard from others along Old Colony saying the bears were visiting their yards. I often take my dog out for a walk along that road and always wonder if they are close by. I won't go too far down or onto the trails in the woods by myself though.

Pam said that the day they came to her yard, they spent the afternoon playing and frolicking near the deck, climbing the tree and birdfeeder. She really enjoyed watching them!

Now a few weeks ago when Vanessa came home with the kids, she said "I want to see a bear". So we took two rides up to Copper Harbor hoping to see one. Never did. But one day shortly after our ride to the Harbor, John was weeding the garden and spotted a very large bear dumping in the alley right behind our house. We know that bears love berries and anything seedy. This dump was large and seedy--with many cherry pits in it!! My other daughter Leah was planning to have a bonfire in the backyard and getting ready, she saw another dump in our next door neighbors backyard. We don't live in the country, we live on a residential street close to town, and so does Pam. She is a few blocks away. This is a little too close to home!

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