Saturday, August 22, 2009

Upper Peninsula Of Michigan---or yooper land!

OK, so you're gonna head up north, well, most trolls below the bridge actually
think that going as far as the bridge is "Up North". Whoa, wait-- there is a BIG
area above the bridge called the Upper Peninsula. Actually, when you reach the
bridge you are only half way to where we live. You turn left after the bridge and
head west along US 2. Then cut north on 117 and head up to 28 through the long,
boring Sceney Stretch. Sooner or later you'll reach Munising. Keep heading west
till you get to Marquette. Not quite there! Still got a hundred miles to go to the
Houghton County, or the Keweenaw Peninsula. Thats right! two peninsulas!
Theres the Upper Peninsula and the Keweenaw Peninsula. We can brag about
Lake Superior being around us on all sides. When you get to L'Anse, then Baraga,
you know you are getting close. Chassell is a few minutes from Houghton/Hancock.
When you get to Houghton you have to cross our little bridge--"The little Mac" its
sometimes referred to. There you are in Hancock, and on up to my place in Laurium,
a little further north. You can camp, swim, fish, go boating, golf, pick berries, hike,
and see many great tourist attractions. Through Houghton you pass Michigan Tech
University,(where my hubby works). Hancock has Finlandia University. Of course you've
got to visit Eagle River, Eagle Harbor, and Copper Harbor, and once you're in Copper
Harbor you can't miss the drive up to Brockway Mountain.
This is for all you trolls down under who wonder where in the world "The Copper Country"
is. It's really not the end of the earth but it will take your breath away!!!!

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