Monday, August 31, 2009

This years pickens!

This doesn't look like a big bucket, but it really is! It is
holding 20 lbs. of wild blueberries. We picked at Blue-
berry Bob's. He charges $1.00 a lb or 80 cents per lb for
20 lbs or more. I could not believe that it took us only 20
minutes to pick this many! That is because you use a rake
to pick them. That rake is fantastic! I am checking into
buying one on the internet. You scoop through the plant,
and pull up the berries and dump them in the tray they
give you. Then when you are finished, they are put on
a conveyer belt and all of the leaves and debree gets blown
off. So you have a pretty clean batch of berries. I've gotta
get my own rake and pick in the woods, so I can pick a ton
of blueberries and sell them, instead of pay for them!

The hardest part was going through and washing them,
bagging them for the freezer. It took me hours to do!

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